Glass Vases

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Large Lustre Chimney Vase

Large Lustre Chimney Vase£100.00

Vélo Range Art Glass Vases

Vélo Range Art Glass Vases£35.00  -  £85.00  (1)

Glass Bud Vase

Glass Bud Vase£26.50  (1)

Mini Posy Vase

Mini Posy Vase£22.00

Mini Trail Vase

Mini Trail Vase£18.50

Round Trailed Posy Vase

Round Trailed Posy Vase£27.95  -  £84.95

Studio Seconds
Seconds Quality - Small Posy Flower Vase

Seconds Quality - Small Posy Flower Vase£25.00   £15.00  (4)

Studio Seconds
Seconds Quality - Tall Trail Vase

Seconds Quality - Tall Trail Vase£74.95   £20.00

Small Round Art Glass Vases

Small Round Art Glass Vases£25.00  (1)

Tall Trail Vase

Tall Trail Vase£27.95  -  £84.95

Studio Seconds
Seconds Quality - Medium Trail Vase

Seconds Quality - Medium Trail Vase£39.95   £15.00  (1)

Studio Seconds
Seconds Quality - Mini Trail Vase

Seconds Quality - Mini Trail Vase£18.50   £5.00

Studio Seconds
Seconds Quality - Small Round Trail Vase

Seconds Quality - Small Round Trail Vase£27.95   £10.00  (1)

Studio Seconds
Seconds Quality - Small Trail Vase

Seconds Quality - Small Trail Vase£27.95   £10.00

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Glass Vases


At Bath Aqua Glass, we blow our vases using the same techniques as ancient Roman glass blowers. 
The simple act of blowing air into a gathered ball of molten glass and shaping that glass into a vase is mesmerizing and beautiful to watch.


Our signature colour, the clean and pure 'aqua', can be seen in many of our vases.
Colouring the glass using copper and iron oxides, we ensure that the legacy of the Romans is remembered in both design and colour choice. 


Other ranges include our Ruby Glass vases which are blown with gold oxide and are good for ruby weddings, we offer an engraving service too. 

This makes a lovely ruby coloured vase to celebrate marriage, a perfect wedding gift


We have a range of one off coloured glass vases in all sizes, occasionally made by an occasional guest glass blower.He is a master glass blower and specialises in large glass coloured vases. 



We have a fantastic range of Lustre glass vases which are made by adding lustre powder to an aqua glass base, this creates a metallic effect which is then brought to the surface by adding the right mix of gas, air and heat. 

They create a shiny opulence effect, stunning if placed near a window. They reflect colours making this a uniquely coloured glass vase.


Due to the nature of the lustre reaction, no two pieces will ever be identical.  If more than one piece is bought from this range, we will do our best to match the final colour and design.



If you visit us in Bath we have demos all day long, every day except Sundays at 11:15am and 2:15pm, you can have a go at blowing a in a bauble. Be sure to book on holidays as we get very booked up. If you purchase a glass vase you could come and watch it being blown.