Heart Shaped Gifts


These are wonderful gifts that are perfect for Valentine's Day, engagements, weddings and anniversaries or any special occasions!  We can also engrave a message to your loved one.  All of our products are handmade in Bath, England.


See our penguins and chickadees below, always popular at Valentine's too.

Check out our Lovers' Heart Bauble Blowing experience.  Held Saturdays all year round but extra sessions for you on Feb 14th.


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Dichroic Heart Pendant

Dichroic Heart Pendant£46.75  (3)

Dichroic Stripe Earrings

Dichroic Stripe Earrings£46.75  (2)

Handheld Hearts

Handheld Hearts£35.00  -  £37.50  (1)

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles£30.00  -  £32.50  (25)

Swirled Molten Drop Earrings

Swirled Molten Drop Earrings£27.50

Small heart baubles

Small heart baubles£25.00  -  £27.50

Glass Penguins

Glass Penguins£17.50  -  £25.00  (15)

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant£30.00   £20.00

Stained Glass Hanging Heart

Stained Glass Hanging Heart£17.50  (3)

Small Fused Heart Hanging

Small Fused Heart Hanging£10.00


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items