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Glass Decanters 

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A Large Jug Blue Turquoise

A Large Jug Blue Turquoise£165.00  (1)

Royal Crescent Decanter

Royal Crescent Decanter£105.00

wine decanter and glasses

wine decanter and glasses£250.00

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At Bath Aqua Glass all of our products are blown in the same way the Ancient Romans blew glass. At our studio in Bath’s artisan quarter Walcot Street we use a blowing iron to gather the molten glass from our furnace,which heats the glass to 1000 degrees.



One of our specialities are our wine decanters, we blow several shapes, but we believe the best shape for a wine decanter is to have a bulbous bottom which give plenty of room for the wine to breathe. Our hand blown glass decanters look stylish on any table, and looks especially good when used along with a set of our matching hand blown glasses.


We have Georgian style wine decanters featuring the classic Georgian 'Knop Twist' stem, which is known as ‘Annular Knop’. Swelling the stem with a shape of one or more rings, we use colour in our Knops which enhances the clear glass. Several wedding planning couples have chosen the knop colour as part of their wedding’s themed colour as 

the colour of the twist can be altered upon request to create your own unique design and colour. We also offer matching colour coordinated glasses with a knop on the stem.



Hand sculpted by our glassblowers out of lead-free crystal which is safe to use for long term storage of wine, liqueur and other beverages.

All of our product come boxed complete with a certificate of authenticity.


It is thought that wine benefits from being given time to breath, by decanting into one of our glass decanters you allow the oxygen and the wine to breath. 


The other popular glass decanter we make is the handmade Glass Wine Decanter adorned with our 'Snake Thread-Ware' trail of glass. Snake Thread-Ware was an Ancient Roman technique which was also known as ‘serpantware’; For the Romans this was a symbol of longevity and good health. It also worked as a grip for people with greasy hands stopping the glass decanter slipping from the hand.

We make these in the Bath Aqua colour but it can be made in any colour. We can match wine glasses to this style of decanter which makes any setting look stylish.


You can visit our studio every day (except Sundays) there we have glass blowing demonstrations, you can blow glass yourself by blowing one of our glass baubles.

We also work on a commission basis, if you have an idea for a glass decanter we can tell you if it is possible and give you a quote, all you need to do is contact Judith on 01225 319606 or fill in our form.