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Glass Paperweights

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Large Red Swirl Paperweight

Large Red Swirl Paperweight£45.00

Medium Red Swirl Paperweight

Medium Red Swirl Paperweight£35.00

Small Red Swirl Paperweight

Small Red Swirl Paperweight£24.50

Flower Paperweight

Flower Paperweight£32.00

Handheld Hearts

Handheld Hearts£35.00  -  £37.50  (1)

Flat Aqua Paperweight

Flat Aqua Paperweight£26.50  (1)

Pebble Paperweight

Pebble Paperweight£29.50  (1)

Art glass pig

Art glass pig£65.00

Hand Blown Paperweights

Hand Blown Paperweights£35.00


Page 1 of 1:    20 Items