Glass Jugs

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Jug art glass putple

Jug art glass putple£180.00

Jug large aqua handblown

Jug large aqua handblown£160.00

Royal Crescent Claret Jug

Royal Crescent Claret Jug£105.00

Teal Art Glass Water Jug

Teal Art Glass Water Jug£105.00

Roman glass Footed Oil Jug

Roman glass Footed Oil Jug£58.95  (1)

Trailed Glass Roman Jug

Trailed Glass Roman Jug£32.00  -  £89.95  (4)

Mini Trail Jug

Mini Trail Jug£28.95  (2)

Mini Round Jug

Mini Round Jug£29.95   £25.95


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

Jugs have changed very little over the years. The fist known jugs were made of clay, that was, until Ancient Roman times when glass blowing became more sophisticated with the development of the blowing rod. Initially they used a rod and sandbags to shape the molten glass, until they came up with the idea to put a hole in the rod to blow the molten glass out. 


The first glass jugs did not have handles, they were more like carafes and were used as wine and water jugs. Then they worked out how to put handles on the glass jugs to mimic the ceramic ones.

Jugs were extremely important to everyday life, the Romans were famous for their aqueducts, people used glass jugs to collect water, usually carrying them balanced on their heads,to transport water from the aqueducts to their homes.

The Romans were advanced in terms of  their glass jugs which often had the name of the contents of the jug stamped on the bottom.



The word jug became part of the English language in the 15th century. The glass jug is favoured by glass blowers, they often joke it is better than a wine decanter as you can use it for a water jug or as wine decanter. There is a glass jug which is a wine decanter, it is called a claret jug and they are long in their shape and have handles.


Our beautiful glass water jugs are matched by our hand blown water glasses which can complete any dinner table. 

You can get a full service of wine decanter, glass jug, water glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses a vase and bon bon dishes suitable for Buckingham Palace, for any table.