Glass Pendants and Necklaces

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Molten Swirled Heart Pendant

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant£30.00

Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Diamond Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (5)

Diamond Stripe Pendant

Diamond Stripe Pendant£37.50  (3)

Dichroic Heart Pendant

Dichroic Heart Pendant£46.75  (3)

Small Mosaic Pendant

Small Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (4)

Lucky Dip Dichroic Peacock Pendant

Lucky Dip Dichroic Peacock Pendant£65.00   £59.95

Small Dichroic Triangle Pendant

Small Dichroic Triangle Pendant£25.00  (1)

Fishtail Pendant

Fishtail Pendant£41.25   £35.00  (5)

Molten Drop Pendant Plain

Molten Drop Pendant Plain£20.00  -  £25.00  (11)

Swirled Molten Drop Pendant

Swirled Molten Drop Pendant£25.00

Small Dichroic Striped Pendant

Small Dichroic Striped Pendant£22.50  (1)

Lucky Dip Large Circular Glass Pendant

Lucky Dip Large Circular Glass Pendant£59.95   £55.00

Plain Roman Bead Pendant

Plain Roman Bead Pendant£20.00  (2)

Roman Bead Pendant Swirled

Roman Bead Pendant Swirled£20.00

Studio Seconds
Dichroic Diamond Pendant Seconds Quality Lucky Dip

Dichroic Diamond Pendant Seconds Quality Lucky Dip£46.75   £20.00  (1)

Studio Seconds
Small Dichroic Pendant Seconds Quality Lucky Dip

Small Dichroic Pendant Seconds Quality Lucky Dip£46.75   £15.00  (1)

Small Dichroic Pendant

Small Dichroic Pendant£20.00  (3)

Charm Bead - Flower Design

Charm Bead - Flower Design£30.00

Charm Bead - Heart Design

Charm Bead - Heart Design£30.00

Lucky Dip Aura Pendant

Lucky Dip Aura Pendant£15.00

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants£25.00  -  £35.00

Fused Stud & Drop Pendant Set

Fused Stud & Drop Pendant Set£27.50

Fused Stud & Square Pendant Set

Fused Stud & Square Pendant Set£25.00

Page 1 of 1:    27 Items

We have two workshops in Bath where we produce our glass pendants and necklaces, one is right next to Bath Abbey and the other is in Bath's Artisan Quarter, Walcot Street.
We have a wonderful team of artists working with fused glass, dichroic glass, a bead torch, and molten drops from our glass blowing furnace.