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Gifts for Him

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Textured Dichroic Cufflinks

Textured Dichroic Cufflinks£55.50  (2)

Royal Crescent Decanter

Royal Crescent Decanter£105.00

Mini Elephants

Mini Elephants£25.95  (5)

Glass Cufflinks

Glass Cufflinks£41.25

Glass Cats

Glass Cats£29.95  (3)

Glass Penguins

Glass Penguins£25.95  (20)

Glass Elephant

Glass Elephant£47.95  (3)

Glass Kittens

Glass Kittens£25.95  (5)

Glass Rabbits

Glass Rabbits£25.95  (2)

In-Store Gift Voucher

In-Store Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £200.00

Online Gift Voucher

Online Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £200.00  (2)

Prince Bladud's Glass Piglet

Prince Bladud's Glass Piglet£45.00  (6)

Chickadee small glass bird

Chickadee small glass bird£25.95  (2)

Glass Heart Coasters

Glass Heart Coasters£20.00

Glasses hand blown for the modern wine drinker

Glasses hand blown for the modern wine drinker£35.00  -  £140.00

Hand Blown Paperweights

Hand Blown Paperweights£35.00

Handheld Hearts

Handheld Hearts£35.00  -  £37.50  (3)

Large roundel

Large roundel£85.00

Paperweight yellow flower

Paperweight yellow flower£32.00  (1)

Tall Wine Glasses - Art Glass

Tall Wine Glasses - Art Glass£75.00  (1)

wine decanter and glasses

wine decanter and glasses£250.00


Page 1 of 1:    32 Items