We hand make every item and sometimes popular items sell out faster than we can produce them. If you are looking for a gift that has a deadline please call 01225 428146 and we will make it especially for you.

Homeware & Glass Tableware


Our glass vases make great gifts and adorn any wedding or function table, with or without flowers, often matching our other tableware.  We work with a variety of colours and designs and can create something truly unique if you wish to commission your own piece of Art Glass.


Our hand blown glass jugs come in all shapes and sizes, making good milk jugs, wine carafes or water pitchers.  All our jugs start life as vases before a lip and handle are added, thus the glassblowers joke that all jugs are really vases in disguise! 


We have two glass decanter designs: One is Roman inspired, with a Threadware glass trail around the neck traditionally used to increase grip, and the other design is the Knop Twist design, which has a blue stopper in the shape of a twisted knop and a clear body.

Drinking Glasses

We have several styles of glasses in this range; the glass blowers' favourite is the air twist stem.  Air bubbles are trapped within the stem and then pulled and twisted into shape, originally designed to reduce the weight of the glass, this design takes years to perfect.


Our hand shaped glass bowls come in all colours, shapes and sizes, they are perfect for fruit and table centrepieces.
They are works of art in their own right and our glassblowers pride themselves in the colour combinations that we have on sale.

Candle Holders

Our candlesticks are based on Georgian designs and have an elegance that reflects the atmosphere in Bath.  Our tea light holders are designed to fit most small candles and come in a range of colours.