Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can we see the glass being made?

A.  Of course, come along to one of our demonstrations or production viewing sessions.

Q.  Is your glass made anywhere except Bath?

A.  No, all our glassware, jewellery and stained glass is made exclusively here in the centre of Bath by our small team of craftspeople. Everything is signed and dated and comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure you are purchasing the genuine article. We do stock some glassware from other makers in our shops such as Bristol Blue Glass which is made just down the road in Bristol (naturally!).

Q.  Will my glassware arrive in one piece through the post?

A.  We are very experienced in packing and shipping our glassware all over the world. We guarantee you will be delighted with your purchase and it will arrive with you safely. In the unlikely situation that an item is damaged in transit we will replace it as soon as possible - please contact us by email or phone in the first instance of a problem.

Q.  I would like to commission you to make something of my own design/specification, is that possible?

A.  It may be possible. The best thing to do is to email us with as much detailed information as you can about what you require - dimensions, design, colours, quantity, deadlines etc (including images/drawings if available) and we will get back to you. Our email address is

Q.  Why is your glass aqua blue?

A.  The glass is coloured in the furnace by adding copper oxide to clear glass as it is melted, this gives the beautiful aquamarine colour. We make our glassware using traditional glassblowing techniques which have changed little since Roman times and many of our pieces are designed to reflect Roman styles.

Q.  I have an online discount code how do I use it?

A.  Select the item(s) you would like to purchase in the Online Shop and add to your shopping basket. In the shopping basket there is a box labelled coupon/voucher, enter the code here and then click the button labelled 'update basket' your discount will be automatically applied if your voucher is valid.


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked during our demonstrations:


Q.  Do you ever burn yourselves?

A.  Yes, sometimes....but bad burns do not happen often. You are more likely to burn yourself on tools and equipment than the glass itself.

Q.  How do you know what to make?

A.  We decide what to make at the start of each day and we generally make the same product in batches of ten to twenty pieces. We also make one-off commissioned pieces but mostly we are making stock for our shops and orders.

Q.  How many pieces do you make in a day?

A.  It very much depends on what we are making, some pieces take just a few minutes to make and some complex or very large pieces may take nearly an hour to complete.

Q.  Can you re-melt the glass if you make a mistake?

A.  Yes, the glass can be put back into the furnace and melted again but not if it has had other colours added to it. In this case, it is sometimes recycled by using it in making jewellery or even in stained glass windows or hangings.

Q.  What is glass made of?

A.  Our glass is mostly made out of silica sand with a few other ingredients to colour it such as copper for blue, gold for pinks etc. We don’t make glass from raw materials, we recycle waste from a larger glass company.

Q.  How do you make glass different colours?

A.  The different colours are made using different metal oxides. Our famous aqua blue is made by adding copper oxide to the molten glass in the furnace. We can also use chips of coloured glass called frit to produce different colours and patterns to our art glass.

Q.  How long does it take to become a glassblower?

A.  It takes around three years to learn the basics but after this, you never stop learning new designs, techniques and skills.

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Cremation Ashes into Glass FAQ


The Memorial Range of Glass is produced to the highest specifications in our glassblowing studio located in Bath, England.

Below is a brief overview, please visit our dedicated Memorial Glass website, for more info or call Judith on 01225 319 606.

Q.  How much cremation ash do you use?

A.  We use a very small amount of ash per piece, we therefore ask that you only send us 1 teaspoonful per item ordered (note: a pair of cufflinks counts as one item).

Q.  What happens to any unused ashes?

A.  Unless instructed otherwise, we will return any unused ashes to you along with your completed order (UK only).

Q.  Who makes the items?

A.  Larger Memorial Glass items are created by our Master Glassblower.  Our Dichroic Range of jewellery is crafted by our small team of fused glass artists.  Our Memorial Glass rings and charms are a collaboration between our fused glass team and Jody Cory, a Goldsmith located near to Bath Abbey.

Q.  Where are the items produced?

A.  All items are produced in our Studios in Bath.  Our glass furnace is located in Walcot street.  Our kilns for producing fused glass are situated in our workshop adjacent to Bath Abbey.

Q.  Can you make any other items?

A.  We are always looking for new designs and are happy to discuss your requirements.  Unfortunately, not all designs are possible due to the nature of the materials involved.

Please note that only pieces found on our dedicated Memorial Glass website are designed for use with ashes.  If you would like any of our standard range of products to be made with ashes, please contact us for feasibility and a quote.

Q.  Can I choose different colours?

A.  Yes.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss a different mix of colours to those shown on your desired product.

Q.  Can I put more than one set of ashes into a single product?

A.  Yes.  You can mix the ashes yourself or send us instructions to mix them for you.  We will then place the ashes into jewellery / glass as per your order.

Q.  Can I put one set of ashes into one cufflink and another into the second?

A.  Yes.  Please make a note of this on your order and we will make sure that the ashes are kept separate during the crafting process. 

Q.  How long will it take to receive my order?

A.  Your order can take up to 6 weeks to fulfil but it can be less.  If you have a specific deadline, please call Judith on 01225 319 606 before ordering to confirm feasibility.

Q.  How will my purchase be delivered?

A.  All UK orders are sent via 24-hour Courier.  You will be contacted when it is dispatched (by email or phone) so you will know when to expect it.  If you know you will be out, please let us know so that we can make appropriate delivery arrangements.

Overseas deliveries will be fulfilled as requested, if you wish to discuss this further please contact us for details.

Q.  How is my item engraved?

A.  Our in-house engraver can engrave your letters, numbers, words or images onto all our objects.  During checkout you will be asked to provide details of the engraving.  For further information please consult our Engraving Section.

Q.  How do I send the ashes to Bath Aqua Glass?

A.  You can deliver them by hand to our workshop in Bath or for a reasonable fee, we can call you and arrange for our Courier to collect the ashes from your home or place of work (UK mainland only).  If you arrange for your own delivery please check with your postal service or courier for any restrictions of carriage and make sure you have paid for the full cost of transit.

Q.  Can I have gold instead of silver jewellery?

A.  Yes.  Please contact us for a quote.

Q.  Can I have my pet's ashes put into glass?

A.  Yes.  We work with all forms of ash, please contact us if you have any concerns.

Q.  Can you make a sealed glass container to hold the loose ashes (eg a bauble or hour-glass)?

A.  Unfortunately not.  All the products we currently produce have the ashes worked into the hot glass.  However, we can create a bespoke glass urn with a glass lid, please contact us for details and a quote.


If you still have any questions or queries, please contact us directly (link to our locations), or use the form below, or call 01225 319 606.


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