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Glass Baubles

Discover the secrets of how we make our unique and personalised glass baubles..

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Lucky Handmade Baubles

Lucky Handmade Baubles£19.95  -  £24.95  (28)

Personalised Engraved Handmade Baubles

Personalised Engraved Handmade Baubles£28.50  -  £32.00  (1)

Mini Glass Baubles

Mini Glass Baubles£15.95  (6)

Personalised Engraved Mini bauble

Personalised Engraved Mini bauble£25.00  (1)

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles£35.95  (30)

Personalised glass baubles Engraved Hearts

Personalised glass baubles Engraved Hearts£42.50  -  £45.00  (1)

Small heart baubles

Small heart baubles£30.95

Springboard Charity Bauble

Springboard Charity Bauble£15.00  (2)

Coronation Bauble

Coronation Bauble£25.00

Large roundel

Large roundel£85.00


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

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Bauble engraving

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How We Make Glass Christmas Baubles...

Gathering Glass From The Furnace

To create a glass bauble, our Glassblowers start by taking a hot 'Blowing Iron', and dipping it into a pot filled with the molten glass within our furnace.  The furnace takes 2-3 days to reach it's operating temperature of just over 1000'C, so it is left on all the time.

The molten glass will adhere to the Blowing Iron, and once a suitable amount has been gathered, the Blowing Iron and molten glass are removed from the furnace to apply the desired colours.

The history of the Lucky Glass Bauble 

This is very funny because it goes back a long time before the Christmas bauble was introduced by Queen Victoria's husband for the Christmas tree, The glass bauble is a good practice piece for the apprentice glassblowers. The hierarchy of the workshop was much stricter in the past and the apprentices had to be glass blowing assistants for at least five years before they were allowed to blow products. So when the master glassblowers left the workshop at night, the apprentices would grab the blowing irons of the masters and blow baubles. The baubles would need to anneal in the oven overnight as the glass needs to cool slowly if it does not it cracks, The next morning the apprentices would arrive early to remove the evidence and juggle them into a secret place the ones that survived would be deemed lucky and were given to wives and mothers to hang in their window. So that is the beginning of the lucky bauble.

  Gathering glass from the furnace to create a christmas bauble tree decoration       Molten glass removed from a furnace  


Applying Colour To The Glass

The molten glass is dipped into shards of brightly coloured glass, which is known as Frit.  The shards of Frit sticks to the molten glass, and must be melted into the glass.  The Glassblower will do this by placing the glass into a 'Reheat Furnace', also known as the 'Glory Hole' for a short period.

  Applying Glass Chips to make Coloured Glass       Melting Coloured Glass Using A Glory Hole  

Shaping & Blowing The Glass Bauble

Once the Frit has been melted in, and the glass is hot enough to be malleable, the glassblowers will use a wet paper pad to centralise the glass on the Blowing Iron. 

The Glassblower will then blow into the Blowing Iron, which will turn the solid blob of glass into a hollow bauble.  If the glass is not centralised properly, the bauble will become lopsided and uneven during the blowing process.

The process of heating, shaping and blowing is repeated until the Glassblower is satisfied that the bauble is ready for removal from the Blowing Iron.  It can take between 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the bauble.

We pride ourselves on using this using this traditional glassblowing technique - we never use moulds at Bath Aqua Glass.

  Hand Shaping Molten Coloured Glass Into A Bauble       Blowing A Glass Christmas Bauble Into Shape  

Removing The Bauble From The Blowing Iron

The Glassblower will prepare the bauble for removal from the blowing rod by using a set of Jacks, which consist of two metal blades joined by a spring-like handle.  The Jacks are used to shape and score the glass, which creates a weak point.    The glass is allowed to cool slightly, and then the Blowing Iron is struck with a wooden baton.  The shock from the impact causes the bauble to break off from the Blowing Rod at the weak point created by the Jacks.

  Gathering glass from the furnace to create a christmas bauble tree decoration       Molten glass removed from a furnace  

Adding A Glass Loop

A small blob of molten glass is gathered from the furnace, and carefully placed onto the top of the bauble, covering the hole left by the Blowing Iron.   This is then gently stretched and cut, leaving a short stem of glass.  A strong pair of tweezers is then used to twist the stem into a loop, which is used for hanging

The finished glass Christmas bauble will be placed into a kiln overnight, to slowly cool down, which prevents stress fractures from forming in the glass. 

  Applying Molten Glass to a Christmas Bauble to Make A Loop        Stretching and Forming Molten Glass  


  Cutting and Twisting Glass To Form A Hanging Loop       A Completed Handmade Glass Christmas Bauble By Bath Aqua Glass  


After the bauble has cooled down overnight, the Glassblower will hand sign each bauble with 'Bath' and the year it was crafted.  A ribbon and label are attached, and our glass Christmas baubles are then ready for sale.

If you would like to personalise your bauble, you can add your own engraving information during the ordering process.  Your personal message will be engraved using a template and sandblaster to etch the glass, this means that it can be put on in a script of your choice in the position of your choosing, for more information on the personalisation process please visit our Engraving Page.


Buy A Glass Bauble

Our Baubles are sold in many different colours, and designs and can be purchased in one of 3 ways:


Choose your colours and watch your bauble being made 

To make for an extra special personalised gift, you can blow into one of our baubles as it is being created, and then specify a personalised hand engraving around the top.

This can be done as part of our Interactive Glass Blowing Demonstrations, which take place Monday to Saturday at our Walcot Street studio.  Our demonstrations are very popular and fill up fast during the holiday and festive periods, therefore it is highly recommended that you contact us to confirm availability prior to arrival.  If you have any enquiries, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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