Christmas Gifts


Christmas gifts with provenance hand made in Bath, England.  Our products come with certificates and the blown products are signed and dated with "Bath" and the year.  

Small Baubles for your xmas tree

So if you want a very special Christmas present look no further, especially as some items can be engraved for you.

For Bauble Blowing at the Bath Xmas Market - CLICK HERE

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Lucky Handmade Baubles

Lucky Handmade Baubles£10.00  -  £17.95  (23)

Mini Glass Baubles

Mini Glass Baubles£12.95

Small heart baubles

Small heart baubles£25.00  -  £27.50

Springboard Charity Bauble

Springboard Charity Bauble£15.00

Vélo Art Glass Baubles

Vélo Art Glass Baubles£15.95

Wishing Angel Fused Hanging

Wishing Angel Fused Hanging£15.00

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles£30.00  -  £32.50  (25)

Charm Bead - Heart Design

Charm Bead - Heart Design£30.00

Chickadee small glass bird

Chickadee small glass bird£22.50

Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Diamond Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (5)

Diamond Stripe Pendant

Diamond Stripe Pendant£37.50  (3)

Dichroic Heart Pendant

Dichroic Heart Pendant£46.75  (3)

Dichroic Hook Earrings

Dichroic Hook Earrings£41.25  (4)

Dichroic Mosaic Cufflinks On Silver

Dichroic Mosaic Cufflinks On Silver£55.50  (1)

Dichroic Stripe Earrings

Dichroic Stripe Earrings£46.75  (2)

Fused Glass Celtic Cross

Fused Glass Celtic Cross£15.00

Fused Stripe Hanging

Fused Stripe Hanging£22.50

Glass Angel Sculpture

Glass Angel Sculpture£50.00

Glass Kittens

Glass Kittens£17.50  -  £20.00  (2)

Glass Penguins

Glass Penguins£17.50  -  £25.00  (15)

Glass Rabbits

Glass Rabbits£22.50  (2)

Handmade Blown Tea Light Holder

Handmade Blown Tea Light Holder£22.50  (7)

Handmade Glass Icicles

Handmade Glass Icicles£9.99  -  £15.50  (3)

In-Store Gift Voucher

In-Store Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £200.00

Large Teal Art Glass Round Jug

Large Teal Art Glass Round Jug£125.00

Medium Dichroic Cross

Medium Dichroic Cross£22.50

Mini Elephants

Mini Elephants£17.50  -  £19.50  (2)

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant£30.00

Online Gift Voucher

Online Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £200.00  (2)

Santa Aqua Bauble and Book

Santa Aqua Bauble and Book£15.00

Small Cross Fused Hanging

Small Cross Fused Hanging£10.00

Small Fused Heart Hanging

Small Fused Heart Hanging£10.00

Stained Glass Hanging Heart

Stained Glass Hanging Heart£17.50  (3)

Tall Wine Glasses - Art Glass

Tall Wine Glasses - Art Glass£95.00

Tea Light Candle Holders

Tea Light Candle Holders£12.50  (4)

Textured Dichroic Cufflinks

Textured Dichroic Cufflinks£55.50  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    44 Items