Handblown aqua ocean vase
 Handblown aqua ocean vaseHandblown aqua ocean vase 

Handblown aqua ocean vase

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Model:  AG-106

 Blue glass flower vase hand-made in Bath England

This one of a kind art glass vase mirrors the ocean's waves in its design. The light and dark blues combine beautifully to create a blend of colour both vibrant and calming.
 Made in the hyper creative glass blowing studio planted in the artisan centre of Bath Walcot.
 The skilled glass blowers produce hand blown glass on a daily bases. Living in the inspirational city of Bath they do not have to look far to be inspired.

Handmade in Bath
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Independent Shops in Walcot Street Bath

If you are considering a trip to Bath England then you will have a truly special experience in this Charming Georgian gem.There is a wonderful blend of innovative independent shops set amongst the historical iconic sites such as The Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths.Within the sometime sunbleached side streets lies a shoppers paradise where proudly independent shop keepers and crafts people offer their customary warm welcome.One such street packed with a range of Highly skilled makers,innovative independent cafes,bars and restaurants is Walcot Street where you will discover the Bath Aqua Glass blowers.This street often referred to as the Artisan Quarter of Bath was once a haven of heritage craftsman and as time has moved on contemporary interior and homewares shops have arrived to add to the unique character.So there is a distinct abundance of shopping opportunities within the streets of Bath which are packed with unmissable architecture, something that certainly makes Bath a tourist attraction thats worth visiting. A stretch of the legs from the Bath Abbey to the Bath Aqua Glass studio will be well rewarded as you are bedazzeled by the skill of the master glass blowers.

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