Christmas 2020 Special Offers


Christmas is going to be special this year as we have all been challenged. Our gifts are all handmade in Bath and you are supporting an independent business. Vote with your money for independents which enables you to support the maker. If you shop independent this Christmas you will be supporting local economies and saving jobs.   We wish you all health wealth and happiness.

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Sterling silver pendant

Sterling silver pendant£87.00

Dichroic Peacock Pendant

Dichroic Peacock Pendant£65.00  (5)

Large Circular Glass Pendant

Large Circular Glass Pendant£59.95   £55.00  (2)

Dichroic Heart Pendant

Dichroic Heart Pendant£46.75  (3)

Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Diamond Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (5)

Diamond Stripe Pendant

Diamond Stripe Pendant£37.50  (4)

Small Mosaic Pendant

Small Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (4)

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant

Molten Swirled Heart Pendant£30.00  (2)

Fishtail Pendant

Fishtail Pendant£41.25   £27.50  (5)

Swirled Molten Drop Earrings

Swirled Molten Drop Earrings£27.50  (2)

Flower pendant

Flower pendant£25.00

Swirled Molten Drop Pendant

Swirled Molten Drop Pendant£25.00  (1)

Medium Dichroic Cross

Medium Dichroic Cross£22.50

Small Dichroic Striped Pendant

Small Dichroic Striped Pendant£22.50  (1)

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants£20.00  -  £30.00

Plain Roman Bead Pendant

Plain Roman Bead Pendant£20.00  (2)

Small Dichroic Pendant

Small Dichroic Pendant£20.00  (5)

Fused Stripe Hanging

Fused Stripe Hanging£19.50   £17.50

Stained Glass Hanging Heart

Stained Glass Hanging Heart£17.50  (3)

Fused Glass Celtic Cross

Fused Glass Celtic Cross£15.00

Wishing Angel Fused Hanging

Wishing Angel Fused Hanging£15.00   £12.50  (3)

Small Cross Fused Hanging

Small Cross Fused Hanging£10.00


Page 1 of 1:    35 Items