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Art Glass

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Glasses hand blown for the modern wine drinker

Glasses hand blown for the modern wine drinker£35.00  -  £110.00

Wine glasses teal hand blown

Wine glasses teal hand blown£75.00  -  £405.00

wine decanter and glasses

wine decanter and glasses£250.00

Hand Blown Paperweights

Hand Blown Paperweights£35.00

Asymmetric Art Glass Vase

Asymmetric Art Glass Vase£190.00

Teal Swirl Art Glass Bowl

Teal Swirl Art Glass Bowl£120.00

Art glass bowl

Art glass bowl£125.00

Art glass green vase

Art glass green vase£85.00

Jug Art Glass Purple

Jug Art Glass Purple£180.00

Jug large aqua handblown

Jug large aqua handblown£160.00

Art glass pig

Art glass pig£65.00

Large roundel

Large roundel£85.00

Glass coasters

Glass coasters£15.00

Hand blown green vase

Hand blown green vase£115.00

Flower Paperweight

Flower Paperweight£32.00

Handblown aqua ocean vase

Handblown aqua ocean vase£210.00

Ruby swirl flower vase

Ruby swirl flower vase£95.00

Teal Art Glass Posy Vase

Teal Art Glass Posy Vase£105.00

Teal Art Glass Water Jug

Teal Art Glass Water Jug£105.00

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Large Aqua Swirl Art Glass Vase

Large Aqua Swirl Art Glass Vase£160.00

Tall Aqua Swirl Art Glass Vase

Tall Aqua Swirl Art Glass Vase£190.00

Glass Vase amethyst chimney style

Glass Vase amethyst chimney style£85.00

Small Amethyst Art Glass Vase

Small Amethyst Art Glass Vase£35.00

Vélo Range Art Glass Vases

Vélo Range Art Glass Vases£42.50  -  £85.00  (1)

Large Amethyst Chimney Vase

Large Amethyst Chimney Vase£85.00

Large Ruby Chimney Vase

Large Ruby Chimney Vase£85.00

Medium Aqua Swirl Round Vase

Medium Aqua Swirl Round Vase£55.00

Medium Pink & White Swirl Vase

Medium Pink & White Swirl Vase£45.00

Large Red Swirl Paperweight

Large Red Swirl Paperweight£45.00

Medium Red Swirl Paperweight

Medium Red Swirl Paperweight£35.00

Small Red Swirl Paperweight

Small Red Swirl Paperweight£24.50

Glass Angel Sculpture

Glass Angel Sculpture£50.00

Small Round Art Glass Vases

Small Round Art Glass Vases£25.00   £20.00  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    79 Items