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Glass Penguins

Glass Penguins£17.50  -  £25.00  (15)

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants£3.00  -  £2,250.00

Niamh's Bauble

Niamh's Bauble£20.00  (1)

Plain Roman Bead Pendant

Plain Roman Bead Pendant£20.00  (2)

Roman Bead Pendant Swirled

Roman Bead Pendant Swirled£20.00

Small Dichroic Pendant

Small Dichroic Pendant£20.00  (3)

Small Round Art Glass Vases

Small Round Art Glass Vases£25.00   £20.00  (1)

Handmade Glass Flat Roundel Hanging

Handmade Glass Flat Roundel Hanging£17.50  -  £19.50

Mini Trail Vase

Mini Trail Vase£18.50

Fused Stripe Hanging

Fused Stripe Hanging£19.50   £17.50

Glass Kittens

Glass Kittens£17.50  -  £20.00  (2)

Stained Glass Hanging Heart

Stained Glass Hanging Heart£17.50  (3)

Lucky Handmade Baubles

Lucky Handmade Baubles£15.95  -  £17.95  (23)

Fused Glass Celtic Cross

Fused Glass Celtic Cross£15.00

Mini Glass Baubles

Mini Glass Baubles£12.95

Tea Light Candle Holders

Tea Light Candle Holders£12.50  (4)

Wishing Angel Fused Hanging

Wishing Angel Fused Hanging£15.00   £12.50

Small Cross Fused Hanging

Small Cross Fused Hanging£10.00

In-Store Gift Voucher

In-Store Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £200.00

Online Gift Voucher

Online Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £200.00  (2)

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Page 2 of 2:    128 Items