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14 January 2019  |  Admin

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A Menu for Bath

With shopping habits changing, we at Bath Aqua Glass realise that our shoppers want an experience for a day out which is not just trolling the shops. So we decided to let our customers know what is available in Bath for a wonderful day out here in the beautiful and historic city of Bath.

Firstly, Bath does have lots of wonderful independent shops to browse around which makes shopping in Bath very unique. Calligraphy, knitting, weaving, ceramics and glassblowing in the famous Walcot Street alone! Walcot Street has been a street full of arts and crafts since Roman times. With it's own "Nation Day", the Walcotians closed the road and declared independence for Walcot, and so it was called 'Walcot Nation Day'. It was a fabulous day with a parade, jugglers, music stands and more. In fact, it was more of a mini Glastonbury. This year Walcot also had an amazing lantern parade, whereby both artists and children came together to make Lanterns. The event was attended by the Mayor of Bath and was a  truly magical evening with lighting & people dressed up as presents, roller skating!

Here is our January Menu  ....

  1.  Arrive : Shopping in the famous independent shops of Bath
  2.  11.15 am: Watch Glass blowing in our Walcot Street Studio, located only 10 mins from  the Bath Abbey
    (Stroll up & browse in the independent shops as Walcot is mostly independent retailers)
  3.  1pm : Lunch at Bill's Restaurant on Cheap Street  
  4.  2.15pm :  Visit The Bath Fashion museum on Bennet Street
  5.  4.30pm :  Indulge in Champagne and nibbles at Comptoir and Cusine on George Street
  6.  7pm :  Finish your evening at Bath's new cinema complex, a chic location where you can take in a film and dine.

At Bath Aqua Glass, on both the 11.15am and 2.15pm glass blowing sessions, you can book to put your "breath in a bauble" or a "lovers heart experience". 

Call 01225 428146 for further information or to book a session.