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A journey to success - learn the ways dyslexia influenced the life of the Bath Aqua Glass MD, Annette Dolan.

Annette was driven to write this memoir because she wants to positively affect the future for younger dyslexics in particular with their educational prospects.

She wants to inspire those who have been left feeling insecure and useless from their school days through her journey to success.

Annette has endeavoured to inject a very colourful and eventful life into this story, whilst being dyslexic.

Trials and tribulations are many, both in her personal relationships and the challenges faced when seeking employment.  Her survival instinct is to be greatly admired and she presents a role model to those who are suffering the same learning difficulties.  Annette allows us to follow her life story and share the complex hurdles that she has had to overcome.  Rejection and failure at many of the opportunities that she saw as her vocation, from menial tasks to cleaning, only served to fuel her extraordinary persistence that she would, in time, succeed.  Now a very successful businesswoman, born from true grit and determination, she has evolved several successful businesses.  Along with her personal struggle, Annette enjoys her children and husband and integrates them with her role in business.


We invite you to submit your thoughts on the book and more specifically, any experiences you have had with the education system. These submissions will go towards compiling our dossier to be presented to members of parliament and other key media figures.

To submit your feedback and comments, please email sales@bathaquaglass.com

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