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Real Shops campaIgns Bath

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31 March 2020  |  Admin
History of Roman and Georgian Glass

History of glass - Roman and Georgian

At Bath Aqua Glass's glass blowing studio we use the traditional blowing iron as they did in Roman times. The blowing iron itself is firmly believed to have originated in Roman Syria, in the ancient city of Sidon. Previously glass products were vessels cast in mould until a moment of huge impact when the bellowing iron was discovered a this seismic change meant that glass no longer had the flaws and impurities in it which lead it to becoming (mass manufactured) and a great trade product.



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27 March 2020  |  Admin
Visit Bath

Visit the beautiful city of Bath and explore

Built for pleasure and relaxation, beautiful Bath has been and still is a wellbeing destination. Since Roman times people have visited the city to take the healing Spa waters. There is so much sightseeing in Bath among the things to do in Bath is free entry to our glass blowing factory where you can watch our master glass makers at work. To discover Bath properly it is best to walk, you can walk from one side of the city to the other in half an hour. Whether you stay for a weekend in Bath or longer you will not tire of the Bath architecture  this is why walking through the city is the best way to enjoying Bath. Our shop is opposite The Roman Baths it is full of our wonderful dazzling glassware and jeweller. Our staff will be happy to advise and direct you to Bath visitor attractions and of course to Walcot (the artisan quarter where our glass making studio is. 



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