Public Art & Architectural Glass

We welcome tenders and enquiries for all types of Architectural and Public Art projects. Past works include Town Councils, Hospitals and Schools. We have a creative and imaginative team who are open to ideas and can also assist on a consultancy level.

Government & Commercial Glass

Traditional and/or Corporate identities can enhance any internal or external glazing scheme. Images can be painted, engraved, screen printed and laser etched to achieve breathtaking results. All of our glassware conforms to British Standards regulations. All our printed float glass is toughened and is available as double and triple glazed units.

This example, commissioned as part of a public art project for the new town council offices in Chippenham, was created using acid etching and sandblasting techniques.

Public Glass Panels for doors and windows

Schools & Educational Glass

As this charming image demonstrates, fantastic and inspiring visual works can be created for your school by incorporating designs made by your pupils into stained and fused glass panels. These school entrance windows are the combined efforts of an interactive experience day where the pupils at Ivy Lane School in Chippenham created beautiful coloured collages that were transformed into sandblasted and fused images. If you would like to have an interactive day where our glass designer Themis comes to your school and inspires the students in a glass design workshop please contact us (all ages).


Fused glass panels for unique buildings

Hospitals & Inspirational Glass

It has been well documented and researched that combining coloured glass panels and artwork can create therapeutic environments, where healing can more effectively take place. Using knowledge gained through colour therapy and architectural psychology, one can use a coloured glazing scheme to considerably enhance an unusual or potentially intimidating environment such as a hospital or treatment room.

Our highly experienced team are happy to discuss your requirements and can advise you on the best forms of glass, colour and design to maximise the benefits offered by these therapeutic surroundings.

In this proposed example for the new mortuary wing at Singleton Hospital, Swansea, a soothing and calming ambience is created with the use of subtle hues of green and natural imagery.

Hospitals and Public Glass Panels for Art

Photographic Glass

Bath Aqua Glass’s glass designer Themis Mikellides has designed a ‘state of the art’ double & triple glazing that includes photographic screen-printed images that are projected from one face of glass onto the next to create a three dimensional interactive image.

These units can be used as stunning interior screens & architectural windows for public art or to obscure a grim outlook. Launched at Grand Designs Live 2013 the below sample showed off its potential by giving the viewer the experience of woodland in glass.

Up until now, with the exception of glass sculpture, experiencing three-dimensional glass art has only been possible by visiting ‘art installations’. Now developed into contemporary architectural glass, it is offered with a bespoke design service.

Allowing daylight and colour to enter a building is an essential quality to sustainable building design. It has been well documented that environments that incorporate the aesthetics of light and colour greatly enhances the psychological happiness and wellbeing of its occupants.

windows for horrible views unique designs available block your view with a unique window ideas for windows to block a bad view

Using this three-dimensional glazing, one can partially engage or fully block any undesirable view, an ideal solution for creating light yet private spaces.

Our unique glazing and screening incorporates many aspects of Architectural Psychology. This is the study of buildings, light and colour and the psychological effects they have on us. This includes the use of the internationally recognised Natural Colour System, (N.C.S.), for colour reference and design.

As a building material, glass is interactive with sunlight and influences the interior quality of buildings more than any other construction material. Our glass can be used as an ideal solution for combating solar glare. With an environmental concern, all our externally glazed units incorporate energy saving laminated Low E glass, maximising their environmental credentials. Our units are made to the highest standards with materials that promote longevity. They are an industry compliant double and triple glazed window and screen system, ideal for interior designers and architects alike and comply with British standards regulations and European Harmonised Norms.


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