Garlic - Corsica and stained glass

31 March 2020  |  Admin


A story of garlic.

A story of a very special lady who never had a cold or flu.

When I was a young girl I met a French man in London who became my husband, we both wanted to travel and worked for two seasons in Corsica.

We then returned to France to meet his grandmother who was called Mammie. She was a formidable independent French widow. She was in her 60s or even 70s, her hair was dark with hardly a grey hair. Her house was full of glamorous antique french furniture and beautiful crockery.

I was fascinated by her prowess every night before we went to bed we had to eat raw garlic on toast, my boyfriend ate copious amounts with her. I ate a little. So when we went to bed the mattress on the antique sleigh bed dipped in the middle made us roll together and the pungent smell that came from my partner kept me awake. Until such time I too had consumed enough to be oblivious of the smell.

I complained to Mammie who gave me this lecture, "if you want to smell nice expect to be ill, garlic kills all flu viruses and colds. I never get colds and I remain healthy and strong, and do not forget oranges". 

So my friends I prescribe raw garlic on toast I always put a bit of lemon and black pepper on it. It is said if you crush the garlic with a knife sideways you will not smell. When you read this it is March 31st and  it is deep into the Coronavirus period and my second husband and I are self isolating and eating a lot of garlic.  Cannot say if it will fighe Coronaviruses but it might help. But Mammie eat it all her life that makes a difference as it might build up immunity I am not a scientist but found this below.


Garlic Gives Your T-Cells a Boost

Eating garlic can boost the number of virus-fighting T-cells in your bloodstream -- important because colds and the flu are caused by viruses. Nutrition scientists from the University of Florida reported in the journal Clinical Nutrition in 2012 that taking aged garlic extract reduced the severity of cold and flu symptoms and that the symptoms went away faster in those who took the garlic extract than among those who didn't The scientists speculated that the garlic extract worked by boosting participants' immune cell function.

Story of a Stained glass window in Corsica