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Ashes Glass Paperweight

Ashes Glass Paperweight£125.00  -  £155.00  (96)

Cremation Ashes Glass Handheld Memory Heart

Cremation Ashes Glass Handheld Memory Heart£100.00  (86)

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Our cremation ashes made into jewellery are sensitively made out of hand blown glass pieces, dichroic glass and glass beads with silver inserts which fit onto all of the standard bracelets and necklaces.  Cremation ashes made into jewellery make a wonderful keepsake for your loved ones. We offer a great range, please look on our page to see the variety. We have a glass blowing studio in Walcot Street Bath, where we make our products. You can visit the general blowing daily from Monday to Sunday. Please look at our activities page /glass-blowing-activities-and-courses.html

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