Bristol Blue Glass

Bristol Blue Glass Limited (trading as The Original Bristol Blue Glass) was started back in 1988 by James Adlington, with the help of glass maker Peter St Clair. The aim was to re-establish a glass making tradition back into Bristol that had been lost for over 60 years.

At this time a lot of the traditional English glass making techniques were in severe danger of being lost forever. Through many a struggle, James managed to learn and pass on many of the old skills required to blow glass by hand, in the time-honoured fashion. We are really proud of what we have achieved over the passing years, making some of the finest Table Ware free blown in England for many years. Since starting as a Company, we have trained many Glassmakers. We are happy that our legacy has now spread word wide.

Bristol Blue Glass are a sister company to Bath Aqua Glass, and we hope that you visit their Bristol Blue Glass Online Shop.


The hand-held EquiHeart and the EquiHeart Pendant are individually hand crafted in the UK from solid glass and are available in a range of colours. Each heart is unique and can be further personalised by the addition of an etched inscription.

We can create an EquiHeart using glass alone, or we can include some of your pony’s or horse’s mane or tail hair in the manufacture to create a very personal keepsake after a sale or loan. If your pony or horse sadly reaches the end of its life we can include a sample of their ashes which has a glittering effect within the EquiHeart



For further information regarding EquiHearts please look below



(for all horse and pony keepsake enquiries please contact EquiHearts directly not Bath Aqua Glass)

EquiHearts, Studio 8, Glasshouse Studios, Fryern Court Road, Fordingbridge, 

Hampshire SP6 1QX

T: 01425 654557



Handmade In Bath


Handmade in Bath celebrates both the past and present of Bath and the surrounding area, with the wares of local artisans.