Glass Bowls

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Glass Pad Foot Centre Dish

Glass Pad Foot Centre Dish£65.00  -  £90.00

Mini Optic Salt Bowl & Spoon

Mini Optic Salt Bowl & Spoon£29.50  (1)

Footed Glass Bowl

Footed Glass Bowl£72.00

Glass Bowl

Glass Bowl£42.50  (1)

Glass bowl, Plain Bon-Bon Dish

Glass bowl, Plain Bon-Bon Dish£42.50

Glass Footed Centre Dish

Glass Footed Centre Dish£90.00  -  £143.95  (1)

Mini Pestle and Mortar

Mini Pestle and Mortar£29.50  (1)

Optic Dish

Optic Dish£25.00

Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar£42.50  (2)

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Glass bowls are some of the favourite pieces of the glassblowers work because they can play with the colours by combining multiple different colours of molten glass and rolling their initial gather of glass on to coloured glass 'sugar' and then watch the colours blow out and expand, creating very fluid works of art.
All our glass is blown in central Bath, at the artisan quarter of Walcot street, where artists have produced since Roman times.

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