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Molten Heart Pendant

Molten Heart Pendant£32.50   £20.00  (6)

Glass Penguins

Glass Penguins£12.50  -  £17.50  (13)

Large Molten Drop Pendant

Large Molten Drop Pendant£29.95

Roman Bead Pendant

Roman Bead Pendant£29.95   £12.50  (1)

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles

Blown Glass Handmade Heart Baubles£20.50  -  £23.50  (23)

Molten Drop Earrings

Molten Drop Earrings£27.50  (24)

Dichroic Stud Earrings

Dichroic Stud Earrings£29.50  (1)

Dichroic Triangle Pendant

Dichroic Triangle Pendant£49.50   £25.00  (5)

Diamond Stripe Pendant

Diamond Stripe Pendant£37.50  (3)

Glass Kittens

Glass Kittens£15.00  -  £17.50  (2)

Green Blown Tea Light Holder FREE POSTAGE

Green Blown Tea Light Holder FREE POSTAGE£22.50   £17.50

Mini Elephants

Mini Elephants£17.50  -  £19.50  (1)

Dichroic Triangle Earrings

Dichroic Triangle Earrings£53.50  (2)

Dragonfly Pendant

Dragonfly Pendant£43.95   £25.00  (2)

Glass Angel Sculpture

Glass Angel Sculpture£50.00

Handmade Blown Tea Light Holder

Handmade Blown Tea Light Holder£22.50  -  £25.00  (5)

Large Fishtail Pendant

Large Fishtail Pendant£49.50   £25.00  (3)

Molten Drop Pendant

Molten Drop Pendant£25.00  (11)

Small Dichroic Pendant

Small Dichroic Pendant£32.50   £20.00  (1)

Small Dichroic Striped Pendant

Small Dichroic Striped Pendant£22.50

Small Mosaic Pendant

Small Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (3)

Tea Light Candle Holders

Tea Light Candle Holders£12.50  (4)

Amber Blown Tea Light Holder FREE POSTAGE

Amber Blown Tea Light Holder FREE POSTAGE£22.50   £17.50

Blue Swirl Glass Paperweight

Blue Swirl Glass Paperweight£29.50

Decorative Glass Mushroom Teal

Decorative Glass Mushroom Teal£17.50  (1)

Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Diamond Mosaic Pendant£37.50  (4)

Dichroic Heart Pendant

Dichroic Heart Pendant£46.75  (3)

Dichroic Hook Earrings

Dichroic Hook Earrings£41.25  (4)

Dichroic Peacock Pendant

Dichroic Peacock Pendant£65.00

Dichroic Stripe Earrings

Dichroic Stripe Earrings£46.75  (1)

Fishtail Pendant

Fishtail Pendant£41.25  (4)

Fused Glass Flower suncatcher

Fused Glass Flower suncatcher£17.50

Glass Cats

Glass Cats£29.95  -  £35.50  (2)

Glass Elephant

Glass Elephant£43.95  -  £46.75  (2)

Green Tea Light Candle Holder

Green Tea Light Candle Holder£12.50   £8.00

Half Flower Fused Glass Hanging

Half Flower Fused Glass Hanging£27.50

Large Circular Glass Pendant

Large Circular Glass Pendant£55.00  (1)

Medium Art Glass Vase

Medium Art Glass Vase£55.00

Mini Lustre Amphora

Mini Lustre Amphora£32.00   £25.00

Mini Posy Vase

Mini Posy Vase£22.00

Prince Bladud's Glass Piglet

Prince Bladud's Glass Piglet£24.50  -  £29.95  (6)

Small Dichroic Triangle Pendant

Small Dichroic Triangle Pendant£25.00

Small Fused Heart Hanging

Small Fused Heart Hanging£10.00

Stained Glass Hanging Heart

Stained Glass Hanging Heart£17.50  (2)


Page 1 of 1:    50 Items
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