Memorial Glass Collection - Cremation Ashes Into Glass

We can creatively encapsulate your loved ones ashes into glass for you to cherish. We can create a truly bespoke one off memorial piece to honour your loved one's life by having a small amount of their cremation ashes incorporated into a piece of handblown glass which you can treasure forever. We offer this service with respect, love and understanding.

To request a memorial pack please fill in form below and we will post one promptly.

If you would like to discuss your order in person please ask for either Judith Devereux at our studio or Jamie Ruther at our shop.

All pieces can be engraved using our in-house engraving service.

Free Delivery on all Memorial Pieces.

Memorial Heart Pendant

£75    click here to order online    

Ashes in a glass heart pendent Aqua colour   Ashes in a glass heart pendent clear aqua   Ashes in a glass heart pendent colbalt   Ashes in a glass heart pendent pink   

Ashes in a glass heart pendent white   Ashes in a glass heart pendent purple  Ashes in a glass heart pendent green  Ashes into glass memory heart amber

Memorial heart pendants or cremation jewellery, incorporating a small amount of cremation ashes swirled into the glass.

Approximately 3cm wide by 4cm long and come with a 16" sterling silver chain. A choice of 8 colours is available.

Ashes into glass pendent 

Aqua Swirl  |  Aqua  |  Cobalt  |  Cranberry  |  White  |  Amethyst  |  Amber  |  Green



Handheld Memory Heart

£70   click here to order online

Handheld memory hearts are beautifully sculpted form molten glass with the ashes swirled throughout and cased inside the glass. The handheld memory hearts fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are perfect to hold as well as looking beautiful placed somewhere special in your home.

Memorial Glass Handheld Heart - Ashes into glass by Bath Aqua GlassMemorial glass handheld memory heart aqua cremation ashes into glassAshes into glass memory heart pink

Ashes into glass memory heart purpleAshes into glass memory heart aqua

Handheld memory hearts are available in the same choice of 8 colours as shown for the heart pendants above and measure approximately 5cm long.



Memorial Paperweight

Small £70 Click here to order online

Large £155 Click here to order online

Ashes swirled throughout the glass, colour choices are the same as the pendants

 Ashes into glass paperweight

Small Paperweight approximately 5cm diameter

Large Paperweight approximately 7cm diameter


Memorial Dichroic Jewellery Range

Ashes are encased between layers of fused clear and dichroic glass, scattered throughout the pattern of the piece.

The Dichroic Range is available in a choice of 9 colours as shown:

Green, Red, Cornflower Blue, Copper, Purple, Aquamarine, Deep Blue, Aqua and Silver/Black

 Memorial dichroic pendent green Memorial dichroic pendent red Memorial dichroic pendent blue Memorial dichroic pendent Amber Memorial dichroic pendent purple and blue Memorial dichroic pendent aquamarine Memorial dichroic pendent deep blue Memorial dichroic pendent cornflower Memorial dichroic pendent silver black


Memorial Glass - Mosaic Cufflinks

£90 click here to order online

Memorial cufflinks 

Glass measures approximately 1.5cm across and are mounted on sterling silver. Shown in Deep Blue.


Memorial Glass - Dichroic Diamond Mosaic Pendant

£80 click here to order online

Ashes in silver black pendent 

Measures approximately 2.8cm across and comes on a 16" sterling silver chain. Shown in Silver/Black.


Memorial Glass - Triangle Pendant

£90  click here to order online

Memorial glass triangle pendent 

Measures approximately 2.5cm across and comes on a 16" sterling silver chain. Shown in Green.


Memorial Glass - Small Mosaic Pendant

£80 click here to order online

Memorial small mosaic pendent

Measures approximately 1.5cm across and comes on a 16" Sterling Silver chain. Sown in copper. 


Memorial mosaic pendent amber



- Heart pendants, Diamond Dichroic pendants, triangle pendants and handheld memory hearts can have up to 8 characters engraved.

- Paperweights can have up to 30 characters engraved

- Cufflinks can have up to 3 characters engraved per cufflink.

- Dichroic teardrop pendant can have up to 3 characters engraved.

Up to 3 characters: £7.50

Up to 8 characters: £10  

Up to 30 characters: £15



All pieces of memorial glass are individually handmade and unique, images are for guidance only.  Please note all our pieces are handmade to order and delivery time will depend on the colour chosen but we aim for all orders to be completed within 6 weeks.

 click here to order online

Or if you would prefer to place an order through the post please request an ordering pack  by filling in the form below, please state the words 'Memorial Glass Order Pack' on the form and include your postal address or call Judith on 01225 319606 / 428146

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