Cremation Ashes into BATH AQUA GLASS

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Our Cremation Glass range creatively encapsulates a loved one or pet animal's cremation ashes into glass.

Timeless and beautiful, our Cremation Glass jewellery and keepsakes can be cherished & passed down through the generations.

By incorporating a small amount of cremation ashes into a piece of handblown or fused glass, we can create jewellery and keepsakes that can be forever treasured.  We offer this service with respect, love and understanding.

We only use a small amount of cremation ashes (less than 1 level teaspoon per piece) therefore we can create mixed / matched sets for the whole family to cherish.  All Cremation Glass pieces can be engraved using our in-house engraving service.  We offer free UK delivery on all Cremation ashes Glass Pieces.

All our glass is Lead-Free and can therefore be held or worn next to the skin without issue.

You can view our latest Cremation Ashes Glass reviews towards the end of this page

Ashes to cremation glass - Engraved heartAshes to cremation glass - Engraved heart

Crafting Cremation Ashes into Bath Aqua Glass

To create our memorial Cremation Glass keepsakes and jewellery, our Master Glassblowers take molten glass from our furnace, gently add cremation ashes and crushed coloured glass before carefully hand-shaping the glass into the required design.

Each cremation memorial glass piece is given our full attention and allowed to cool down very slowly in our digitally controlled kilns to prevent thermal cracking from occurring.

To create our Dichroic and ashes glass jewellery we layer sheets of glass around the ashes and then carefully fuse them into a single piece of sturdy, decorative glass.  We then finish the design with a Sterling Silver finding.

This crafting process is very time consuming therefore your order can take a few weeks to process, depending on the colour of glass in the furnace and the number of other orders we have to fulfil.  We aim for all orders to be crafted and delivered within 6 weeks.

If you have a specific deadline in mind, please contact us to confirm feasibility before ordering.

Cremation Ashes glass

For a small additional charge, we can engrave your Memorial Glass piece(s) and add a final flourish with a silver or plain finish to the text. You can also choose where the engraving is placed and the typeface.  Engravings can be specified during the purchase process.

Please view our online PDF for possible font choices and images you can add.

If you would like advice on this service please do not hesitate to contact us.

Due to the size of the pieces, there is a limit to the number of characters/letters per piece:

- Cremation Ashes Glass Heart pendants, Diamond Dichroic pendants, Triangle pendants and Handheld Memorial Hearts can have up to 8 characters engraved.

- Cremation Glass Paperweights with ashes can have up to 30 characters engraved

- Dichroic Cufflinks with ashes can have up to 3 characters engraved per cufflink.

- Small Dichroic pendants can have up to 3 characters engraved.

Memorial heart with glass ashes

If you would like to engrave the Memorial Glass Charm, Signet Ring or Twisted Ring please contact us for a quote.

Cremation Ashes glass

Orders can be placed via the following methods:


Select your desired Memorial Glass product and follow the directions on the Ordering Process tab.  You can send us your ashes as soon as the order is confirmed or request that we send a bag for you to use.

In Person:

If you would like to discuss your order in person and view samples of our work, please ask for either Judith Devereux at our studio or Jamie Ruther at our shop.

To avoid disappointment, please contact us on 01225 319606 / 01225 428146 to confirm their availability before travelling.

Post / Phone:

To request a Memorial Glass order pack please fill in the form below or call us with your details. We will post you the order forms, a small plastic bag for the ashes and further information regarding product ranges and pricing.  Please state the words 'Memorial Glass Order Pack' in the message body field, or call Judith Devereux on 01225 319606 / 01225 428146.

Please note, we do not accept phone orders directly as we require written confirmation of your order before proceeding.

International Orders:

We are able to accept international orders however, we do not return unused ashes.  We therefore advise that you send us a minimal amount per order and please check with your postal supplier's regulations regarding cremains transport before ordering.

Ashes Courier Collection: 

Due to popular demand, we now offer to collect the ashes from you using our overnight courier. If you would like to make use of this service please read the next section below carefully before ordering.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions regarding this service.

Individual Commissions:

If you have a specific design / colour / size in mind that we do not have listed, contact us with the details. Please note that due to the nature of the materials used there are limitations on size and certain designs.  Nevertheless we are happy to discuss this with you to find the ideal solution.

If you still have a query, please check our Memorial Glass FAQs, or use the contact form below.

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Cremation Ashes glass

For a small additional charge we can arrange for our overnight courier to collect the ashes from you and deliver them directly to us.

If you would like advice on this service please do not hesitate to contact us.

When placing your order simply select the appropriate box(es) and complete the order.  Then, when you are ready to send your ashes, contact us on 01225 319606 (Mon-Fri) to arrange a date for collection.

If you are ordering more that one product please only select collection of ashes for ONE product otherwise you will be charged for multiple collections.  If you are ordering more than one of the same product please add ONE to basket with the collection fee and then go back to the product page and add the additional items without the collection fee.

If you have requested a seal top bag as well, we advise that you wait for this to arrive before contacting us.

This service is available Mon-Fri and only in the UK.  However, we can collect from your place of work if this is preferred.

Please note: Not all couriers and postal services accept cremains therefore, if you are arranging your own delivery, we recommend that you check with your chosen postal supplier for the correct postage prices and terms of carriage before sending your ashes to us. 

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Memorial Glass charm blown with ashes  Memorial Glass Paperweights blown with ashes Memorial Glass Signet Ring blown with ashes

Memorial Hear Pendant being worn with 16 inch silver chain Memorial Hear Pendant being worn with 18 inch silver chain Memorial Hear Pendant being worn with 20 inch silver chainMemorial Glass Twisted Ring blown with ashes  Ashes into Glass Dichroic Pendant 16 inch chain Memorial Cremation Ashes in Cufflinks Memorial Glass Handheld Heart Memorial Glass Products

Cremation Ashes glass

Memorial heart for Roxy
Tuesday, 23 August 2016  |  Helen

A lovely little quality memorial heart for our beloved dog who left us too soon.

First Class
Monday, 22 August 2016  |  Alison

The service was exemplary and the heart is a wonderful keepsake in memory of our much loved cat. Thank you.

Saturday, 20 August 2016  |  Maddison

Beautiful gift I got for my dad. Makes such a beautiful thing out of something so sad! Thankyou so much xx

Memorial Penguin
Wednesday, 17 August 2016  |  Katherine

Absolutely beautiful thankyou very much

Blue pendant
Monday, 15 August 2016  |  Rosemary

Delighted with my pendant that contains my late husband's ashes . A truely treasured memory.

Mrs J Homer
Tuesday, 9 August 2016  |  Jennifer

Product, Company and Service is excellent

Mrs J Homer
Tuesday, 9 August 2016  |  Jennifer

Very pleased with finished product. Great service from the Company.

Mrs J Homer
Tuesday, 9 August 2016  |  Jennifer

Excellent product and a very good service. Staff very helpful

Stunning paperweight
Thursday, 4 August 2016  |  Christine

This arrived safely and was even better than described online. An amazing way to cherish and remember my husband. Stunning piece of artwork, thank you

Ashes into heart pendant
Tuesday, 2 August 2016  |  Pauline

I'm so pleased with my purchase its beautiful thank you.

Lovely Pendant
Wednesday, 27 July 2016  |  Steven

Such a lovely Pendant its not big and in your face very subtle I chose the copper style, it is very well made and seems to change color in the light .. Its such a lovely feeling that I have my Mum and Dad close to me all the time.
Thank you BathaquaGlass

A beautiful reminder
Wednesday, 20 July 2016  |  Carol

Thank you for a lovely paperweight with the ashes of my mother and step-dad. The colour is very vibrant (cobalt), the craftsmanship is excellent - worth the money for a beautiful memorial to my parents.

Beautiful Necklace
Wednesday, 20 July 2016  |  Sue

Very happy with the colouring and style if the necklace....lots of lovely comments on your work.
Thank you
Very easy to deal with concerning ordering and delivery

Would have liked wording clearer
Wednesday, 20 July 2016  |  Sue

I am happy with the paper weight but disappointed that the word mum is too small and is very difficult to see , although the heart stands out well

Monday, 18 July 2016  |  Carlie

I had this made for my mum with her little dogs ashes. It was a complete surprise and she loved it. Its so beautiful and sits on her windowsill where the light shines on it. A very happy customer.

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