Lucky Dip Aura Pendants
Colour: Aqua,  Size: SmallColour: Aqua,  Size: MediumColour: Aqua,  Size: LargeColour: Aquamarine,  Size: Small
Colour: Aquamarine,  Size: MediumColour: Aquamarine,  Size: LargeColour: Cornflower,  Size: SmallColour: Cornflower,  Size: Medium
Colour: Cornflower,  Size: LargeColour: Deep Blue,  Size: SmallColour: Deep Blue,  Size: MediumColour: Deep Blue,  Size: Large
Colour: Red,  Size: SmallColour: Red,  Size: MediumColour: Red,  Size: LargeColour: Green,  Size: Small
Colour: Green,  Size: MediumColour: Green,  Size: LargeColour: Copper,  Size: SmallColour: Copper,  Size: Medium
Colour: Copper,  Size: LargeColour: Silver/Black,  Size: SmallColour: Silver/Black,  Size: MediumColour: Silver/Black,  Size: Large
Colour: Purple,  Size: SmallColour: Purple,  Size: MediumColour: Purple,  Size: LargeColour: Ice,  Size: Small
Colour: Ice,  Size: MediumColour: Ice,  Size: Large

Lucky Dip Aura Pendants

Our Price:  £20.00
List Price:  £25.00
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Dichroic Heart PendantDichroic Heart Pendant
Dichroic Stripe EarringsDichroic Stripe Earrings
Dichroic Hook EarringsDichroic Hook Earrings
Fishtail PendantFishtail Pendant
Small Dichroic Triangle PendantSmall Dichroic Triangle Pendant

Model:  AU0101

Dichroic glass developed by Nassa has a simular effect to an natural opal 

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Special COVID offer  small £20 - medium £22,50 - Large £25 

Treat yourself whilst helping a small business

A glass dichroic pendant with an Aura.  All living things are surrounded by colourful, multilayered auras, just as these glass dichroic pendants are.The dichroic glass mimics the shimmering effect of a precious opal stone

 Handcrafted with love,each layer of our Aura pendants, vibrates differently which creates a spectacular coloured dazzling effect. These contemporary pieces of jewellery radiate feminine emotion, the brilliant colours reflecting waves of our ever changing nature.

These unique jewellery pieces are a fusion of glass particles, a collision of contrasts: a marriage of optics with art, giving birth to beautiful spectral creations. Truly unique handmade treasures by Bath Aqua Glass. Bath, England. 

Handmade in Bath
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Lucky Dip Aura Pendants.
These beautiful pendants are all completely unique, one of a kind hand made fused glass.
Pick from three different sizes and ten stunning colours.

Each pendant purchased under the 'Lucky Dip' will be RANDOMLY selected by our staff.

Each pendant comes complete with a silver bail and silver plated chain. The chain length and material can be upgraded.

This offer is only available online, and is not available in our shops.

All our jewellery comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity and is perfect to give as a special gift.

(Style of gift box may vary from image shown)

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