'Seconds' Trailed Glass Roman Jug - LARGE

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'Seconds' Trailed Glass Roman Jug - LARGE
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Made to Order

Roman style crystal trailed pitcher, made with our signature Aqua blue glass, featuring the traditional Roman 'snake' trail.

Hand sculpted by our glassblowers out of lead-free crystal

Approx 23cm tall.

Comes boxed complete with a certificate of authenticity.

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Beautiful blown trailed pitchers, made using traditional roman techniques. A perfect hand made gift.

These aqua coloured jugs are handmade in our studio in Walcot Street and are classed as factory seconds. This means that these glasses vary from our first quality range for reasons such as variations in size and proportion, thickness of the glass, shape, perhaps a few bubbles! These are all signs of the glass being handmade and add extra unique character and does not affect the durability of the glass.

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