Swirled Pebble Pendant - Ethereal Light

Swirled Pebble Pendant - Ethereal Light
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This pendant has been created by our guest artist, Liz Bowden.

Made from Double Helix glass, this pendant has a transparent amber effect, giving way to a complicated, smokey mix of purples and shades of many blues that shift with different lights and backgrounds. The overall effect is a beautiful pendant that has a stunningly unique ethereal feel. Each side features a delicate swirl, and the pendant is finished with a very subtly raised adornment of 3 white/pink dots.

Due to the complex techniques involved in making this pendant it is truly a one-off, unique piece.

This stunning pendant is sold complete with a Sterling Silver chain (stamped 925).

Liz Bowden Beads

Liz Bowden has been making beads since 2012, and runs our Lampwork Beadmaking classes.  If you would like view more of her work you can visit our shop next to the Abbey.

To commission a bespoke piece you can contact her at sales@bathaquaglass.com.

1.5 cm Wide
1.8 cm Tall
1.0 cm Deep
18" Sterling Silver Chain

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